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Wow, this was really very good. Subscribed, and thank you for writing this.

Honestly, if we think of Racism as just another meme, or memetic bit that floats through a population, OF COURSE it threatens the NAP since it attacks one of its' fundamental premises.

Kind of a "duh" moment.

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More great writing, thanks!

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Here's how I would put it to right-libertarians: A lot of libertarians think abortion is not a violation of the NAP because they don't consider unborn babies to be people. You are not going to bring them around to the idea that abortion is a NAP violation by talking about the NAP, but only by convincing them that unborn babies are indeed people.

Conversely, you cannot convince anyone that merely thinking that unborn babies are not people is a NAP violation. Thoughts aren't violence. But beliefs can make you blind to actual violence.

I think he lost as soon as he tried to tie racsim to the NAP. I don't know how to make this pithy, but something like, "The logical conclusion of racism is that the NAP would not protect certain people."

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You mentioned that libertarian leftists redefínete property to mean possessions that are currently in active use by the owner. Can you please elaborate, in the same sense, what would be the new definition of personhood to justify racism? Thanks

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